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Welcome to SLOT SOCIETY formed by fellow slot players and dedicated to slot players and slot players only! It is the most informative, empowering organization that caters to all levels of slot players with the goal in mind to make slot players smarter so, when they play – the casinos pay!


SLOT SOCIETY was created when fellow slot enthusiasts got together and decided to form the largest, smartest, fun slot community in the country now known to all as SLOT SOCIETY.  Because it is for slot players only and created by other slot players it became home to the most consistent jackpot slot player in the country known only in the world of gaming as SLOT SLAYER! The  infamous SLOT SLAYER decided to join the creators of SLOT SOCIETY to educate, empower and mentor slot enthusiasts in Slot Savvy™ (slot play strategy)  and teach you, the slot player to become your own SLOT SLAYER to help increase your winning odds playing the slots. SLOT SLAYER he has been able to teach members of SLOT SOCIETY successfully on how to play slots in a smart, cost effective and profitable way to get those jackpots coming your way.

The best part of SLOT SOCIETY is that this private gaming community is absolutely FREE as long as you are a fellow slot player! By becoming a member of the SLOT SOCIETY, you get the most updated, latest, greatest information, advice, and tips on what is hot and what is not in the world of slots. You can send in questions anytime and get expert advise from a source that knows and who has been playing slot for many years and has mastered the art of hitting jackpots. SLOT SLAYER himself will get you to rethink the way of playing slots and show you how to be Slot Smart™, which is the key to increasing your odds to hit those jackpots, and it is all FREE when you join SLOT SOCIETY today!”

The Slot Slayer System eBook with Proven Tips and Techniques from the Slot Slayer himself the most consistent jackpot winner in slot history.

SLOT SOCIETY is a network that is dedicated in sharing the best strategies in slot machine play. 

  • How to locate the “HOT” slot machines in the casino!
  • What Casinos have the loosest slots and where are they?
  • Secret slot machine tips from the ‘Slot Slayer’ himself…. you will not believe what he is going to share with you.
  • Discover where the most profitable slot machines are located to play in the casinos Learn when to move on to the next machine!
  • Know when to move on to the next machine: Are you staying too long, leaving too early?  You probably are, and it is costing you money.
  • Learn when it is the best time to play slots.
  • Everything you need to know about video slot machines and how to win
  • Discover the 10 most important rules you must abide by while playing slots.
  • How to size up a casino to know exactly where you should be playing
  • Qualify for the Slot Slayer Invitational the most prestigious slot tournament in the world.
  • And so much more!

The Slot Slayer System eBook with Proven Tips and Techniques from the Slot Slayer himself the most consistent jackpot winner in slot history.